• Food

    • Burger

      Aloo Tikki Burger

      A regular american style burger loaded with
      crunchy aloo/chicken tikki.

      BBQ Burger

      Barbarian style burger with paste of barbeque sauce
      stuffed veggies and loaded with herb chilly/chicken patty.

      Indian Chilly Burger

      Indian style burger with loads of veggies and herb chilly/chicken patty.

      Mexican Burger

      Classic burger with loads of veggies with salsa sauce and herb chilly/chicken patty.

    • Sandwiches


      Spicy Super sandwich

      Freshly baked sandwich served with loads of veggies and eggless mayo.

      Revel Roasted sandwich

      Triple layered sandwich served with herbal chilly patty
      and veggies with blend of 2 sauces and indian
      green chutney.

      Mexican Sandwich

      Jumbo sandwich with paste of salsa sauce, mexican chilly, corn and loaded with cheese.

      Super Tikka sandwich

      Freshly baked jumbo sandwich, stuffed with spicy paneer tikka/chicken tikka and veggies.

    • Pasta's


      Pasta de pina

      Penne pasta with olive oil, fresh bread crumbs, fine chopped veggies and garlic covered with yummy cheese.

      Hot & Spicy Penne Pasta

      Penne pasta with jalapenos, butter, chilli sauce and loaded with spices.

    • Pizza's


      Queen Margarita Pizza

      freshly baked soft cheesy pizza. first lime baked in 1889 in Italy.

      Nepolitana Pizza

      The European Union established a ruling to protect Naples'
      Neapolitan pizzas. The Eu's ruling Neapolitan pizza was now
      part of naples. Fresh fresh pizza served with tomato and cheese...

      Mex Mexicano Pizza

      A Yummyy mexican pizza with sauce of salsa, sweet corn, mexican chilly & cheese placed on top.

      BBQ Pizza

      Classic Barbarian style with loads of veggies, pineapple and topped with mouth watering cheese.

      Volcano Pizza(frespresso special)

      Indian style hot n spicy pizza with loads of paneer /chicken, jalapeno, veggies and cheese.

      Simple burst Pizza(frespresso special)

      Double layer mushroomie pizza with loads of cheese and veggiess.

    • Starters




      Tandoori Nuggets

      Potato Nuggets

      Garlic Bread

      French Fries

      Masala Fries

      Chicken Nuggets

      Chicken sausage

      Chicken Fingers

      Chicken Pop Corn